As we strive to become a nationwide adoption funding foundation, it is our focus to provide an annual celebration to recognize loving families who have gone through the adoption process.  This recognition will salute both parent(s) and children for taking the bold steps of coming together and creating a family.  We are looking forward to provide full sponsorship for families to an all-expense paid get away to a first-class vacation venue.

Moreover, our foundation believes it is vital to demonstrate appreciation toward families, caregivers, and moral supporters for their diligence and compassion in participating through the adoption process.  We foresee in having an annual banquet that award such candidates for their dedication.

We visualize the opportunity to provide families to attend and annual national conference that will provide assistance and training for family building strategies that will include spiritual, mental, and financial education.

The Garrett Gift for Adoption Foundation will be the entity that will lead by example of being a major pillar that families will look toward for their assistance.